Lead Paint Specialist Very Important Properties, LLC.

Lead Paint Specialist

Very Important Properties specializes in units built before 1978 that are required to comply with Maryland’s reduction of lead risk in housing law. For a summary of lead paint compliance requirements please read below.

Compliance requires the following:

  • Use trained workers, accredited supervisors and contractors to meet risk reduction standards.
  • All rental properties are required to be lead inspected by a MDE accredited lead paint inspector.
  • Owner must register all rental dwelling units within 30 days of acquisition of property. Registrations must be renewed every following year by December 31st.
  • All tenants must be provided with the “Notice of Tenant Rights” and “Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home” brochures and a copy of the current lead inspection certificate before the tenant occupies the unit.

Certain properties will be exempt from these regulations. If the property is a hotel, motel or similar seasonal facility or if the property has been issued a lead free or limited lead free certificate.

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